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Dr. Karreman’s products have been tested and trusted by veterinarians and farmers across the country. Healthier cows and higher quality milk are possible without antibiotics.

Acclaimed Veterinarian Hubert Karreman brings his vast knowledge of holistic animal care to improve the overall health of your herd. There are effective alternatives to antibiotics for health challenges!

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PhytoMast® uses all-natural, plant-based technology to improve milk quality in dairy cows without antibiotics. Watch the video below to learn more, and then get started with our special introductory offer!

                                                                                     THYMOL & PHYTOMAST

  • Thymol is a well-known compound and its use in veterinary medicine is found in many textbooks and product catalogues dating back to 1900. 
  • Thymol has been used primarily as a disinfectant due to its antibacterial properties. Thymol has also been included in veterinary formulas against parasitism (internal and external), fungal skin infections, upper respiratory issues and dental needs.
  • Thymol is an active ingredient in the Haver-Glover product of 1928 sold for cows and called “H-G Intramammary Disinfectant” (A Manual Of Veterinary Therapeutics. Haver-Glover Laboratories, Kansas City, MO 1928, pg. 98). On this basis, PhytoMast with Thymol is presented for drying-off cows.
  • Thymol is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).
  • PhytoMast with its active ingredient of thymol has had its pharmacokinetics, milk and meat residues, in-vitro efficacy, and clinical efficacy for dairy cows and goats written up in 8 peer-reviewed journal publications (including the Journal of Dairy Science) and studied in-depth for a successful PHD.
  • PhytoMast is a phytoceutical (type of plant medicine). Because of the multitude of biochemicals in any plant, there is a near zero chance of antibiotic resistance. Not culturing milk and checking for appropriate antibiotic selection and then continually using the same antibiotic to dry-off cows goes against basic medical principles and leads to antibiotic resistance. 
  • PhytoMast does NOT trigger the Delvotest P nor Charm SL Beta-lactam tests, which are commonly used to check for antibiotic residues.
  • PhytoMast is manufactured and packaged in the USA. (Many products for dry-off are manufactured in India and China.)
  • PhytoMast is OMRI approved.
Trusted by hundreds of dairy farmers across the US and Canada!

"PhytoMast® has “consistent antibacterial activity against the 3 mastitis-causing organisms."

K.A. Mullet, et. al Journal of Dairy Science, 2014 Sep; 97(9):5587-91

"Based on dilution of the products in bovine milk at physiologically achievable levels, phytoceutical products (including PhytoMast®), tested at levels expected after treatment do NOT cause positive test results for the Delvotest P no do they interfere with the Charm SL Beta-lactam test in detection of various antibiotics."

Mullen KAE, et.al. Veterinary Record Open 2017;4:e000214. doi:10.1136/vetreco-2016-000214

"The efficacy of herbal products was similar to that of conventional (antibiotic) therapy, and the herbal products had no apparent adverse effects."

Effect of two herbal intramammary products on milk quantity and quality compared with conventional and no dry cow therapy. Journal Dairy Science 2014 June; 97(6):3509-22

"It is concluded that treatment with the botanical preparation PhytoMast® resulted in a reduction of the time to clinical recovery."

Efficacy of a Botanical Preparation for the Intramammary Treatment of Clinical Mastisis on an Organic Dairy Farm. Canadian Veterinary Journal 2013 Mar;54(5):479-484
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