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PhytoMast® Udder Cleanse

  • Thyme oil kills germs
  • The missing link in your effort to reduce antibiotics
  • Same delivery method you’re used to
  • Ultra-short withholding time
  • Dual purpose for lactation and dry off
  • Now available with added cinnamon bark oil to help tackle biofilms
  • OMRI listed

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Let’s be honest.

Natural usually means less effective, and more expensive…

…you think that if you want to get the job done, you have to reach for what everybody else uses.

That changes now.

Trusted by hundreds of dairy farmers across the US and Canada!

Dear Farmer,

For 20 years as an in-the-trenches dairy vet, I faced the same challenges with dairy cows that you do every day. But I always had one hand tied behind my back.

All of my clients were certified organic and couldn’t use antibiotics. Yet… I still needed something effective to treat mastitis and other common problems, just like you. 

So I hit the ol’ veterinary books. And found that prior to the antibiotic era, veterinarians used plant medicines against many diseases, including mastitis, pneumonia and infertility. And they worked. 

We’ve lost that wisdom and know-how. And now that the consumer is demanding reduced antibiotic use, the dairy industry has been left scratching its collective head. 

But no longer.  

What has been a well-kept secret in the organic sector is now available to you. And when withholding times are taken into account, PhytoMast tubes are the most cost-effective solution on the market!

Product & Retail Cost per Box
Label Withhold Hours
Total withhold from start to finish
LOST $$$ 68#/DAY @$18/CWT
Total cost per minimum box instructions
Total cost: materials & withholding


24 hrs
B $67
36 hrs
C $44
48 hrs
D $48
60 hrs
E $48
72 hrs
F $34 (Rx Dry Tx)
96 hrs

PhytoMast® is a trademarked blend of potent plant extracts. Essential oil of thyme is well-documented for its effects against common germs. Licorice helps relieve swelling. Wintergreen soothes and cools. Angelica helps regulate normal function. 

These aren’t just random plants. They have been used effectively for hundreds of years with stacks of scientific literature behind them. They support the body’s natural defenses. They help the udder to become normal again.  

When obstacles to cure are eliminated, the udder can heal. Antibiotics only kill bugs. No matter what treatment is used, the job of healing belongs to the immune system. Repeated use of antibiotics may hinder the immune system’s innate ability to defend itself.  

The extracts in PhytoMast® are the very same plant compounds that cows would seek themselves during times of stress if they were given a medicinal hedgerow.

The science is clear. The plant-based technology in every tube of PhytoMast® really works.

“The efficacy of the herbal products was similar to that of conventional therapy, and the herbal products had no apparent adverse effects.” (K.A.E. Mullen, Journal of Dairy Science Volume 97, Issue 6, June 2014, pgs. 3509-3522)]

In a follow-up study, Dr. Mullen found that “the cure rate of Phyto-Mast® + Orbeseal was very close (78%) to the 80-90% cure rates reported for antibiotic and teat sealant dry cow therapy” (NC State University PhD thesis “Evaluation of Herbal Oils in Various Preparations for Treating Mastitis in Dairy Cattle.” Keena A.E. Mullen, 2013)

In a study on a 1000 cow organic farm, the researchers found “…there was a faster recovery for the treatment group compared to the control group…” (P. Pinedo, Canadian Veterinary Journal 2013 May; 54(5): 479–484.)

And here’s what else makes PhytoMast® unique…. University research has found that “Based on dilution of the products in bovine milk at physiologically achievable levels, phytoceutical products tested at levels expected after treatment do not cause positive test results for the Delvotest P nor do they interfere with the Charm SL Beta-lactam test in detection of various antibiotics.” (K.A.E. Mullen, et. al Vet Rec Open. 2017; 4(1): e000214. Published online 2017 Aug 11).

So, as you can see, PhytoMast® blends science with the art of animal husbandry.

There are just some things that you know about cows that you didn’t learn in school. You learned them by mixing intuition and experience. The fact that you are still reading this tells me that something in your gut knows there’s a better way than the routine use of antibiotics. But until now, you didn’t think that it was possible.

It is.

PhytoMast testimonial letter

“Our farm has been using PhytoMast® for the last 14 years. It has been our go-to on cows with elevated cell counts and the onset of mastitis. Used at dry-off on cows that have high cell counts and mastitis during their lactation. Helpful in our quest to produce high quality organic milk.”
Paul T., NY, milks 325 cows

“PhytoMast® is a great organic weapon.”
Jeannine K., NY, milks 50 cows

“As soon as any of our cows show a high somatic cell count, we use PhytoMast® immediately. We have found that if we are diligent with our testing, that chances are this is all that they will need to bring their counts back down. Recently we ran out of PhytoMast® and had a cow that needed treatment. We opted to use antibiotics that time since that was available at our local farm store. The antibiotics did not help the cow’s condition, and we had to withhold milk for 96 hours. Her condition worsened until we were able to get more PhytoMast®, which reversed her mastitis. We have yet to have a cow freshen with a high somatic cell count since we started using Phytomast® for dry-off. In fact, we just had a cow freshen with perfect milk quality after persistent mastitis in the previous lactation — it is completely gone!”
Karen L., Winston-Salem, NC

You didn’t think it was possible: to have consistently good milk quality without the routine use of antibiotics. But thousands of organic dairy farmers have been benefiting from this new reality for years, and now you can too.

We are so confident that you will love PhytoMast® that we are extending you a bundle size that is right for your farm, and both bundles come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Try it for 90 days. If at the end of 90 days, you don’t see a measurable difference in milk quality, we will give you your money back, no questions asked. 

And even as PhytoMast® does start working for you, the free book (and for the large bundle, a free phone consultation with me!) are yours to keep. We are giving you the bonuses and free shipping just because we believe so much in this product, based on all the feedback we’ve gotten from hundreds of farmers who are using PhytoMast® successfully. 

The secret to antibiotic-free dairy health, trusted by hundreds of dairy farmers

PhytoMast® is probably the best “crossover” from the organic to the conventional sector because of its rigorous scientific testing and decades of field trials by farmers like you. This product works, and we know it because of our repeat and happy customers.

Germs can’t create resistance to the hundreds of compounds in plant medicines.

Antibiotics work with a targeted approach, and pathogens can gain resistance, especially with repeated use. If the right antibiotic isn’t selected, the bug is under no threat. Why play pathogenic whack-a-mole when you can use the diversified built-in antibacterial defenses in plants to cleanse the udder and start fresh? The same plants also soothe and create conditions favorable to healing.

Results that rival conventional tubes and favorable economics because of shorter withholding times.

  • 24-hour withholding time means less milk poured down the drain
  • Independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown PhytoMast® is nearly effective as antibiotics for dry-off
  • Does not trigger antibiotic residue tests

We’ve added Cinnamon Bark Oil because of the scientific evidence of its action against biofilms

Biofilms are how some common and persistent germs protect themselves. Multiple studies have shown that Cinnamon Bark Herb dissolves biofilms. (D.F. Firmino, et. al Scientific World Journal. 2018. Published online 2018 June 06) CB breaks down barriers. PhytoMast® does the rest:

  • Soothes
  • Protects
  • Cleanses
Now with Cinnamon Bark Oil

The Ultimate Tube for Udder Health

Hi, my name is Dr. Hubert Karreman. I’m a dairy veterinarian with 30 years of in-the-trenches experience with organically managed dairy cows.

Due to strict USDA regulations, I’ve developed a handful of practical and natural treatments for the thousands of organic dairy cows I’ve successfully treated without antibiotics. I have been invited to speak at over 100 farmer and veterinary conferences on what I do. I’m the vet who other veterinarians, researchers, and students come to when they have questions about treating commonly encountered diseases without antibiotics. I’ve also published three books on natural treatments for dairy cows and have written chapters on natural medicine in veterinary textbooks.

The fact is… there’s no better way than right now for you to have cows with problematic milk get cleared up by using natural methods that have been scientifically shown to improve milk quality — all without antibiotics! Using just 2 applications, 12 hours apart, for lactating cows or just once at dry-off, PhytoMast® is better than antibiotic treatments with worrisome residues.

The reason why this method works is simple: each living plant has hundreds of compounds in it with valuable medicinal value that provide a broad attack against germs. Antibiotics, on the other hand, provide only a narrow “sharp-shooter” type attack: if you don’t pick the right antibiotic, there will be absolutely no response and you can quickly create antibiotic resistance. Not so using plants. Plants also provide soothing anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving analgesic effects along with their anti-bacterial effects. Combining the right plants with the right manufacturing process, PhytoMast® delivers effective treatments from various angles. Additionally, due to the hundreds of compounds in each plant, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for germs to create resistance like they do with antibiotics.

For instance, PhytoMast® combines the anti-bacterial effects of Thyme (Tsai, 2011) and Olive oil (Nazarro, 2019) with the anti-inflammatory effects of Dahurian angelica (Kang, 2008) and Chinese licorice (Genovese, 2009) along with the immune-modulatory effects with Vitamin A,D and E (Michal, 1994, Lippolis, 2011, Tangerdy, 1990) and Chinese angelica (liu, 2003), and finishes the formula with the analgesic effects of wintergreen (Poppenga, 2002). In having a solid scientific basis, you can be confident in starting with this new approach to commonly encountered problems.  

Get your start with PhytoMast® right now with this special offer. Cleaner milk with no antibiotics!

90 day money back guarantee