2 boxes of PhytoMast® (containing 12 tubes each)
1 FREE book Four Seasons Organic Cow Care by Dr. Hubert Karreman

12 tubes / box with alcohol pads.
Botanical formula comes in 15cc tubes

PhytoMast® is the most scientifically tested natural treatment for dairy cows in the world.

Ingredients: Angelica spp., Glycyrrhiza sp., Thymus sp., Gaultheria sp., vitamin A, D & E, certified organic olive oil.

Due to botanical aroma, milk from the bad quarter should not be put into the bulk tank during use and for 24 hours afterward.

Additional Information About PhytoMast®


“It is concluded that treatment with the botanical preparation PHYTOMAST® resulted in a reduction of the time to clinical recovery” P. Pinedo, et. al Efficacy of a Botanical Preparation for the Intramammary Treatment of Clinical Mastitis on an Organic Dairy Farm. Canadian Veterinary Journal 2013 Mar; 54(5):479-484.

“The efficacy of the herbal products was similar to that of conventional (antibiotic) therapy, and the herbal products had no apparent adverse effects.” K. A. Mullen, et. al Effect of two herbal intramammary products on milk quantity and quality compared with conventional and no dry cow therapy. Journal of Dairy Science 2014 Jun; 97(6):3509-22.

“Essential oil of thyme at…3% had consistent antibacterial activity against the 3 mastitis-causing pathogens tested. (Staph. aureus, Staph. chromogenes, and Strep. uberis)” K. A. Mullen, et. al An in-vitro assessment of the antibacterial activity of plant-derived oils. Journal of Dairy Science 2014 Sep; 97(9):5587-91.

“Using thymol as a marker, Phyto-Mast® was detectable and quantifiable in plasma beginning with the 15-minute post-treatment sample, but was no longer detectable in the 4-hour post-treatment sample. Thymol residues were only detected in the 12-hour post-treatment milk sample. An inflammatory response was not evident following phytoceutical administration.” C.S. McPhee, et. al Milk and plasma disposition of thymol following intramammary administration of a phytoceutical mastitis treatment. Journal of Dairy Science 2011 Apr; 94(4): 1738-43.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Tube Length

Short Tip Tubes, Long Tip Tubes


Original (with wintergreen)


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PhytoMast® 2 Box & Book Introductory Bundle

2 boxes of PhytoMast® (containing 12 tubes each)

1 FREE book Four Seasons Organic Cow Care by Dr. Hubert Karreman
($34 value)

  • Dual Purpose: Lactation/Dry Off
  • Proven safe and effective by independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies.
  • Uses all-natural plant-based technology to treat mastitis in dairy cows and goats
  • No antibiotics.
  • Reduced milk withholding times:
    • 24 hours with PhytoMast®; up to 96 hours with other products.
  • Allowed for Organic Milk Production

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